Zocor Side Effects – The Negatives Of A Very Effect Cholesterol Lowering Drug

When you talk about Zocor, you aren’t referring to something like an approach, a process or an exercise of any kind. It is actually a brand of medication, specifically a simvastatin, which works best in lowering the bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood stream, thus also keeping a person away from any forms of heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

Taking the medication without your physician’s prescription would not be recommended because like many other medications available in the market, the drug has been found to have some ill effects to the body as well.  However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prescribed to use the drug for the same reason. At some point, the drug may not be equally beneficial to everyone, but it can be to you. It’s only a matter of who responds well to this drug, and who does not. Now, what are some of Zocor’s side effects and why do people keep using simvastatin despite its side effects?.

Not recommended for everyone

In many cases, the drug has been proven to be toxic to your liver and kidneys thus people with liver diseases and kidney problems aren’t prescribed these drugs. In addition to this, people who consume more than ten percent of alcohol, those with muscular disorders and suffering from any forms of blood disorder are not recommended to use Zocor. The drug can pass certain blood barriers and may also have ill effects to the baby inside the womb, so it isn’t also recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers. However, in some instances, there are people having any of the mentioned prohibitions allowed to use the medication, but of course with a physician’s regular monitoring.

Zocor Side Effects

Zocor Side Effects

The down side of Zocor as a medication

Simvastatin, the generic and brand name of Zocor, despite its proven effectiveness of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood also has side effects. First on the list and among the worst simvastatin side effects is its negative contribution to your kidneys. Because the medication helps in eradicating the bad cholesterol in the body, it means they are strong and toxic enough and capable of damaging organs specifically the kidney, which filters wastes to be excreted out of your body. People who take this medication manifest other common ill effects as skeletal muscle collapse, weakness and muscle pain, and fever or flu symptoms. Other minor effects include the following.

  • Heartburn
  • GI irritation and abdominal pain
  • Bowel movement problems as constipation
  • Headaches
  • Disturbed sleep pattern

Avoiding the serious side effects – precautions to follow

Now, while there are many things negative about the medication, you don’t have to be affected too much or be bothered as long as you aren’t among the people prohibited in using the drug. You just have to take in the precautionary measures while taking or about to undergo the medication. But of course, you consult your doctor first. Here are lists of the things you need to remember always with Zocor.

  • Common effects occur when the drug is interacting with other contents. Grape juice or any grapefruit juice, for instance, inhibits or delays the absorption of the drugs. This causes in an increased plasma level of the drugs which is not helpful and maybe toxic to the body. With this, taking any grape juices along with the medication isn’t allowed.
  • Take in prescribed doses of the drug only. Specifically, your dosage will depend greatly on your cholesterol level in the blood. The normal range of simvastatin usage is around ten to forty milligrams a day, above this dosage would be harmful to your health already.
  • If you are taking the medication and you miss one day, please don’t double your dosages the following day; instead follow your doctor’s prescribed dose per day.
  • Try a low cholesterol diet while taking medication or before taking the medication. Doing so will specifically aid in lowering your cholesterol level and wouldn’t predispose you to any adverse effects.
  • You need to inform your physician when you are taking other medication or if you have other diseases that are existing or when you are also under certain therapy. As said, drug interaction is even worse and should be watched closely by your physician.
  • As much as possible, don’t do extreme activities while taking the drugs. However, this doesn’t mean you also have to live a sedentary life. Of course, you can do some light exercises like walking and some range-of-motion exercises but never do heavy weight lifting without your doctor’s prescription. Remember, the drug has various adverse effects like muscle pain.  So, it would be difficult to identify any of those if you’re doing strenuous activities. The after effect of extreme activities may mask the Zocor side effects.
  • Of course, eat properly in accordance to your doctor’s prescription. This will keep your body away from becoming at risk of damage.

If you haven’t noticed, the precautionary measures of the drugs include eating properly and exercising the right way. This is because in most cases, people fail to include them in their treatment plan. And often times they complain about not having the expected result from the medication, instead they keep on complaining about their condition getting worse. However, treatment isn’t all about the medication alone. You need self-control as well while taking it, and, this isn’t applicable only to Zocor alone but to any medication.