Normal Cholesterol Levels – Simple and Natural Means To Get Into The Normal Range

While half of the world is getting health conscious and paying so much attention to everything, half aren’t so concerned about what the world could become with people having high levels of cholesterol. There is an increasing number of people, mostly elders, confined to many institutions with cholesterol counts exceeding normal cholesterol levels. In fact, in America, half a million have died of coronary heart disease of which has been greatly attributed to high cholesterol levels in the blood. If you are among the people who don’t know much about cholesterol, perhaps this is a good chance for you to shift views. You need to know more about cholesterol, and how and why it has become a silent killer to men.

Normal cholesterol levels aren’t actually bad. But in excess, they can be the body’s worse enemy because the body itself cannot get rid of them completely. If cholesterol is left at a high level, it will build up plaque in the arterial walls thus narrowing of arteries occurs. And what’s even worse, proper circulation of blood to particular areas of the body especially the heart is altered, and clot formation is often possible leading to coronary heart diseases.

These days, we are aware that total cholesterol levels are not very important.  What is important is your LDL cholesterol level, your HDL cholesterol level and the ratio between the two.

What are normal cholesterol levels?

  • LDL Cholesterol:  100-129 mg/dL
    • Lower numbers for LDL cholesterol are better than higher numbers – it is great to have a number LOWER than 100 mg/dL
  • HDL Cholesterol:  40-60 mg/dL
    • Higher numbers for HDL cholesterol are better than lower numbers 

A primary causative factor for the increase of cholesterol level in the blood is your diet. Contrary to what most people think of, meat isn’t the only culprit for an increase supply of cholesterol in your body. Your liver is in fact among the primary supplier of cholesterol in the body. So, an additional amount of cholesterol from what you are eating would definitely predispose you to high cholesterol levels which isn’t already good. However, you cannot just conclude that all cholesterol are bad and unnecessary because there are two major kinds of cholesterol. There is a good one which serves as an alternative energy source for the body and helps in eradicating cholesterol in the blood stream, the high-density lipoprotein known as HDL cholesterol. And, there is also a bad one known as low-density lipoprotein. Specifically, the LDL cholesterol is the one you need to avoid as the body cannot dispose of them completely. These are the ones that build up plaque in many arterial walls.

Normal Cholesterol Levels

Normal Cholesterol Levels

It would be easy for you to detect if you are having normal cholesterol levels and whether you are at risk of heart disease or not. You just have to bear in mind certain risk factors. These factors are listed below.

  • Heart diseases are hereditary but preventable. If it runs in your blood, possibility of acquiring the disease with sedentary lifestyle wouldn’t be rare.
  • If you have history of heart attacks, recurrence is possible.
  • The aging process predisposes any gender to heart condition. Usually, people more than 45 years old for men and 55 for women are at risk for heart problems.
  • Smoking is a vasoconstrictor and would only worsen any condition relating to the heart.
  • People with diabetes often have high blood pressure, but high blood pressure isn’t all caused by diabetes. However, both conditions predispose any person to heart conditions because of blood viscosity and pressure.
  • A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common factor that predisposes an individual to heart diseases.

However, there are medical procedure available these days that can help us get through or treat us with certain heart conditions. Blood examination is among these examinations. In fact, adults reaching 20 years old must undergo a medical check up for normal cholesterol levels every now and then. A lipid panel is an exact test to determine your cholesterol level.

Now, while there is plenty of medication available in the market these days, not all of these medications would be completely effective without concomitant interventions we can do to lower the cholesterol in the blood as well. Here are some ways to incorporate with your medication.

  • First, avoid sedentary lifestyle. Well, it’s not most of the time that you can exercise especially when you are the busy type. However, when heart diseases run in your blood, make it a habit to do a routine or regular exercise so as to avoid being predisposed to above normal cholesterol levels in the blood as well as heart diseases. Exercise burns fat stored in the body thus prevents heart problems. Perhaps, 20-30 minutes of exercise at least thrice in a week would be enough.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking. Almost everybody knows about the bad effects of these things to your health. So, why continue taking them?
  • Eat properly and healthily. Meaning, you have to be generous with your meat and satisfy yourself with fish. Fish is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid, a good nutrient that helps in lowering high levels of bad cholesterol. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to eat meat too. Of course, meat is also essential to the body. You only need to reduce consuming it, instead eat more fruits and vegetables along with fish. These are great sources of fibers which also aid in maintaining normal cholesterol levels.
  • Rehydrate your body. Once you feel like wanting to eat something, don’t give in eventually to that craving especially when you are still full. Remember, your impulses can sometimes go wrong. That is, at some point when your mind is saying “you are hungry”, it’s actually telling you to drink water because you are thirsty. Try to assess accurately.
  • Avoid foods rich in sodium. Sodium reabsorbs fluid in the body. Now, the problem with people suffering from high cholesterol level is that they are also hypertensive, and avoidance of this sodium content from foods is likely to keep blood pressure within normal range.

Apart from those, it would also be essential for you to know the normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Specifically, a safe total cholesterol level should be less than two hundred. For LDL, it’s less than a hundred while for HDL, it must be greater than sixty as this cholesterol helps in removing the cholesterol in the bloodstreams. Nevertheless, be always mindful of the things that predispose the body to high cholesterol levels, and avoid them in any way you can, so as not to suffer the consequences brought about by our negative lifestyle and choices.