Lower Cholesterol Naturally And Avoid Statins

Learning how to lower cholesterol naturally is what most people should seek to do before turning to medication. However, any facts or natural ways you may take from this article shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement of your medication if you are taking any statin already. Perhaps, take them something like an aid in achieving a healthier and a more comfortable life. 

Cholesterol isn’t an alien to your body, your liver supplies your body with it. However, with the unhealthy foods you regularly eat, you are actually adding up to the cholesterol level already produced by the liver thus it exceeds the normal limit and goes haywire in the blood stream. In fact, in many lipid panel test done worldwide, lots of people even on their twenties have cholesterol levels beyond the normal range. The findings have become among the major concerns for many health conscious individuals these days. So, they come up with many natural ways to lower cholesterol level in the blood. The question now is why is there a need for people to lower down cholesterol? This is fairly easy to answer.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is of two major kinds. Low-density lipoproteins are so difficult to eradicate. These are fats which usually stick to the arterial walls, narrowing the passage for circulating blood and develop into clots when broken. On the other hand, high-density lipoproteins function opposite to LDL. They help in removing the bad cholesterol in the body thus preventing any problems of the heart such as heart attacks. These fats should be in equilibrium. That is, they should be within normal limits. An increase with any of those can have a huge significance to your health condition. Increase in LDL means you are at risk of developing heart diseases while increase of HDL prevents you from having the disease.

A lot of people live an unhealthy lifestyle these days. When confronted, they would often reason out that “if I will have normal cholesterol levels that means the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t benefit”. Yes, sounds really sarcastic but it is true. A good point actually, to hurt yourself. There are various medications saturating in the market today. Lots of researchers are still on the process of discovering newer versions of the drugs. The simvastatin is among these medications. Some people depend on them without knowing the medication’s side effects. However, this doesn’t mean the drugs aren’t effective. You just have to be vigilant and enjoy the prompt comfort they provide but you shouldn’t depend on them completely. If possible, try ways on how to lower cholesterol naturally.

Here are some natural methods you can actually try to help your body rid off bad cholesterol.

The reason why you have high cholesterol level is often contributed by what you are ingesting. So, you need to consider starting eating the right types of food. A good example of cholesterol lowering foods includes certain fruits and vegetables. Instead of ingesting more meat, eat soluble fibers, and protein rich foods like potatoes and fishes. Basically, if you are a carnivore, try to be vegan and stay healthy and trim down. Apart from this, fiber binds well with cholesterol and aids for proper bowel removal. Other foods that help best in lowering cholesterol are the following.

  • Eggplants aren’t recommended to those who have allergies. But, they are good foods recommended to lower cholesterol level.
  • Legumes like nuts are also great foods to lower down cholesterol.
  • Oats are great sources of soluble fiber. Specifically, 10-20 grams per day of this for months would literally reduce cholesterol level to as much as 18 %.

However, there are really times when eating cholesterol-rich foods are inevitable and inviting. In such cases, there are ways you may utilize to avoid gaining extra pounds of cholesterol. Read on this.

  • Drink water before eating.
  • Slow down your eating pace. If possible, have water in between.
  • Go for soups when at a party. Soups would satiate you easily and prevent you from taking your share of the pizza, meat or cakes on the table.
  • Avoid gravy. This is a good source of calories thus would only add up to your weight and cholesterol level especially when it’s all dressed out from animal fats.
  • Food supplement containing niacin also helps in the eradication or lowering of cholesterol level in the blood. Specifically, niacin aids in cellular metabolism thus build up of fats in tissues is prevented.
  • Carving out a minute to an hour long of exercise would be one thing you need to practice regularly. You don’t have to execute heavy task like weight lifting and doing extreme works. A regular walk in the park and doing your activities of daily living is enough as a form of exercise. In this sense, the liver functions well also. That is, it keeps on producing good cholesterol to aid in the removal or excretion of the LDL.
  • Statin medications are made from red yeast rice. These raw and natural materials have been proven by various studies to bring back the normal range of your cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • If you aren’t always on the move, try yoga and other Chinese practices like tai-chi. Some people have tried them and claimed the practices effective also in sweating out and reducing risk of heart diseases.
  • Policosanol aren’t as strong as statin. It’s almost close to being natural. It has also been proven great for producing more good fats than bad ones thus aiding best to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

In general, any forms of strong medications wouldn’t be advisable to use during the early detection of the condition. However, because people are adamant in trying the natural ways to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, and they wanted a prompt relief of the condition, many depend greatly on them. The good thing is that, when consulted with a physician, you can always have medications prescribed and natural methods to fight off bad cholesterol. You will save yourself extra cash, and you will also save time for the medications to work effectively.