Generic Lipitor Expected To Drop Cholesterol Drug Prices


The cholesterol drug, Lipitor, is used by millions of people to successfully lower and control cholesterol levels.  While this statin drug is extremely effective, it can be fairly expensive.  This will soon change as the patent will expire at the end of November, making available generic versions that will cost just a fraction of what the name brand version costs.

Currently, the cost of taking Lipitor is between $115 to $187 per month.  A generic version will drop this price by $100 or more, allowing for prices to be as low as just $5 per month.  This is a welcome relief to those that are reliant on Lipitor to help control their cholesterol levels.

Generic Lipitor Expected To Drop Cholesterol Drug Prices

Generic Lipitor Expected To Drop Cholesterol Drug Prices

The Inquisitr reports that Pfizer, the owner of the patent for Lipitor is scrambling to keep profits up on this cholesterol drug.  Their first step is to offer consumers coupons that will drop their co-pays to as low as $4 per month.  This will entice consumers to continue with their Lipitor prescriptions as the total amount they pay out of pocket will be as low or lower than what they would pay for a generic cholesterol drug, with the insurance companies paying the difference.


The other plan that Pfizer is working on is an over-the-counter (OTC) version of Lipitor.  This is a long term plan as it is expected to take up to two years to go through the regulatory process of the FDA.

For those that rely on Lipitor to help control cholesterol, the possibility to have lower pricing is welcome news.  Taking statins often do not provide noticeable results so consumers often have to make the decision of whether to continue paying for a drug that may take a significant toll on their budget.

Reported:  November 9, 2011


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